COVID-19 Tips

I want to officially write that I am no scientist or doctor. I haven’t any degree. But I do read and list a lot of medical journals. I try not to sources any information unless it has been verified by a doctor or scientist. However, some articles I list are not from either and are just good advice.
I am doing much more research behind the background of this post on COVID-19 that does not have a conclusion. I want to share only information that has a glimmer of hope at the end of all this.

I am planning on creating a journal or binder to hold all my thoughts and information. If you would like to see more about that, let me know.

I also have put together a world timeline. If you would like to have access to that with links to original news sources, also feel free to let me know.

One more thing, I call novel-coronavirus COVID-19, it’s the official proper medical name. Calling COVID-19 “China-virus” or “Wuhan-virus” is NOT okay and oftentimes racist. I will let you do the research for that if you don’t believe me.  

Now onto the information.

  • Firstly, if you don’t already know the basic or have any questions about the new virus here is an okay site. While I disagree with some of the information, there simply isn’t enough research at the time to improve the articles. 
  • There are also several myths going around about COVID–19. Make sure you know what is right and wrong with this virus. 
  • Speaking of rumors, here is an article about Ibuprofen and Coronavirus. Please read it to be more informed. 
  • As most of us enter into ‘social-distancing’ or even complete lockdown. Please take this seriously. Of course, the most affected and scared by this virus are those of high risk (low immune, asthma, cancer, etc) however, social distancing is good for everyone even the “healthy”. If people do not heed this warning, the numbers of those infected will continue to rise. If a serious problem comes up, a hospital visit often occurs. Sadly the more people at a hospital the more nurses have to work. Nurses don’t grow on trees. They are humans, they are tired, hungry and overworked already on a normal day of 12-hour shifts. If the hospitals become overrun with cases, these nurses will have to work longer and longer decreasing the amount of care one person can get. Along with over-worked nurses, there are not enough life–saving devices to help battle this virus. ‘By flatting the curve’ how many get sick over a longer period we can save more people. There is a great article with GIFs to help illustrate what I am typing.
  • If you don’t know already, the world hospitals are running out of face masks. It’s not just a state by state or USA problem but a GLOBAL problem. If you have any masks, please donate them to your hospital or any other medical center (hospices, retirement homes). If you want to be productive you can sew masks. Please note that the homemade masks will NOT prevent the virus (so please don’t wear them unless you are infected or of true high risk). However, hospitals are currently low on medical-grade masks and are having to re-wear the same one for multiple days making them less effective. If they wear a homemade mask on top of the medical one, they can wash the homemade one, lowering the infection rate. You can call your local medical centers to see what your hospital is doing. 
  • The world is running low on lots of sanitization items such as hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. I have heard of others recommending apple cider vinegar and UV light sanitizers. I looked up this information in medical journals. From what I have found Apple Cider Vinegar does seem to work against certain bacterial cells but it’s unclear on the specifics of when vs how long and if it would work on viral. Also, I found that UV light really is only studied with fungal or staph (1 2). Meaning that UV light is NOT going to work against COVID-19.
  • Lastly, staying at home is the best way to fight this virus. However, I know trips to the grocery store and getting the mail are necessary to-dos for most people. Jessica Yellin on Instagram shared a few tips. I would also like to add a few other ideas:
    • Using gloves correctly if you have any and want to wear them. They become useless if you still touch your face, hair, phone, ect.
    • Change out of clothes when being out, especially with crowds (grocery stores still count as being out). Throw clothes in the washer (to wash).
    • Take a shower after being outside in crowds.
    • Disinfect high traffic areas, especially ones you have touched coming home such as your phone, purse/wallet, keys, door handles, and light switches.
    • If you aren’t going to take proper steps to decontaminate as much as possible than the probability of getting the virus is much higher. 
  • In case you are worried about your groceries or mail, Harvard Medical also did an article about how long COVID-19 can last on surfaces: “A recent study found that the COVID-19 coronavirus can survive up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard, and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel. The researchers also found that this virus can hang out as droplets in the air for up to three hours before they fall. But most often they will fall more quickly.”
  • If possible think about your small businesses and mom/pop shops during this time. Many had to close their doors or are running low on business. I found a good IG posts that explain what you can do to help.
  • Please remember that we are all scared and all coping in our own ways. It helps to kind towards others. If you do go out, try saying encouraging words to others, especially retail workers. 
  • If you are happening to make a run to your local store for supplies, maybe try reaching out to others in the community that are high risk. See if they need anything and lend a hand. Find out if there is a local donation or Facebook group that you can join or be apart of.
  • Another way to help is to write letters or notes of encouragement. Send them to local medical centers, to retail places, to the mailmen, to friends, and to family. has put an article and challenge together to help you with sending letters. 
  • Lastly, remember that sometimes too much social media or too much news can create fear and anxiety or heighten it in those that suffer already. Try to limit or even eliminate how much you consume. If your Christian use this time to pray (Psalm 91 is a good one) and read the word. If not Christian, try meditating, yoga, positive affirmations or creating.
  • If you are bored or need some to do, I just found a google doc with lots of ideas. Thanks, Florian.







Camp Wanna Craft Week 4 Reflection


I thought it would fun to write out a little reflection as each week passes. I’m not sure if what I write will make sense because it is a personal note to me but I wanted to share in case it touches anyone in any way.

Rocky road for me this week. Little was a little rough to start with but then I had been overthinking about my idea I had last week. I had planned on making a separate little mini album for all my memories at camp, like reflections of lessons and photos of the lives, maybe even photos of places I had visited. However, as I sat and thought about that idea, I realized that camp is almost over. I had poured all my energy into creating and staying up with as much of the workshops as I could that I didn’t really make alot of memories on my own (besides selfies during the lives). While I’m sad that I have to let that project idea go, I’m proud of myself for completing as much as I have so far. 

Camp Wanna Craft Week 3 Reflections


I thought it would fun to write out a little reflection as each week passes. I’m not sure if what I write will make sense because it is a personal note to me but I wanted to share in case it touches anyone in any way.

I figured out a little more of my system this week. I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that if I wanted to make notes or work something out, I went straight for my ‘plus-sized’ binder over all the other sizes. This week I made up my mind to use the letter size. I feel like I can process all my thoughts, try out techniques and just have fun better with the ‘plus-sized’. As for my snap binder, I thought it would fun to use that as my actual memory keeping book, a place for all my photos and reflections during camp. Lastly, this week I figured out that I’m okay skipping some of the workshop videos. While I have the time to watch them all, I don’t want to get to distracted by other ideas and forget my current plan. Keeping myself on track is what I learned most this week.

Camp Wanna Craft Week 2 Reflections


I thought it would fun to write out a little reflection as each week passes. I’m not sure if what I write will make sense because it is a personal note to me but I wanted to share in case it touches anyone in any way.

See what happened was 😂😂 I gave up on camp. 💁‍♀️ Actually, I just became overwhelmed. There is SO much to camp with the lessons, the lives. the forums, the posting on IG, the actual crafting that I felt at a loss. I missed this weeks chapel which was my tipping point. I broke down crying. Yet, as the week came to a close, I realized that yet again *I* was putting on the overwhelm. There are no “rules” to Camp Wanna Craft. I had let myself get overwhelmed because I didn’t have what she had, I didn’t do what she did. I had let others take my joy. So after a few days of mellowing, I decided to focus on at least keeping up with the lessons. If I felt I had time or energy, I could work on other aspects of camp. This new philosophy helped me when I didn’t make it to movie night on Friday. James and I were having a rough sleeping schedule and I didn’t feel like renting the movie. That doesn’t mean I don’t plan on having my own movie night but now I feel like it’s okay that I didn’t make it. I can try for the next one or make it my own and that can apply to anything.

Camp Wanna Craft Week 1 Reflections


I thought it would fun to write out a little reflection as each week passes. I’m not sure if what I write will make sense because it is a personal note to me but I wanted to share in case it touches anyone in any way.

I was stressed out. Camp was officially underway but I still hadn’t decided on what I wanted to do for my handbook/junk journal. I also started feeling left out since so many people not only had their book set up but also already decorated. However, I went to the LIVE Q&A and Cori was super sweet in explaining camp. She set up camp for beginners. She set up camp for her. She set up camp for those ready to learn but weren’t sure what to do. After watching her explain camp and how Wanna Craft came to be I wrote to her:
“I’m a planner and organizer. I like to know what’s coming so I can prepare. That’s why I was confused by the junk journal/ handbook. However tonight you explained it really well and took a lot of my anxiety away. I realized I was trying to rush to the end, instead of enjoying each new lesson I learn. So thank you for being you and being so thoughtful.”
While I didn’t figure out my junk journal/handbook situation, I did feel more at ease and ready to go one lesson at a time.

New Year // Summer Goals

summer goals 2019

I believe that summer as a time of possibilities. I feel the weather warming (or just plain hot), school is let out, academic planners come out (stationery nerd-alert), and fruit and vegetables are harvested. Summer just speaks of unexplored adventure to me. I think that’s why I am so drawn to the idea of making summer the actual start of my new year, or at least a reset, a clean slate. A time of year to gather my energy that has been stored and waited and use that electric energy. I’m ready for the possibilities that this summer holds. I’ve already written several blog posts about specific adventures awaiting June:

Yet, there is another part I love about summer, and that’s how my body feels. I’m not sure what it is about the cold weather but it makes my body hurt. My IBS acts up really bad in the cold. Then, of course, there are so many viruses being passed. However, in the summer, I feel better. I feel alive. That energy makes me want to explore. I want to get out of my tiny apartment and see what’s around me. (I’m not getting that crazy 😉 I know that I won’t be able to explore all the places I have planned (might have to write a whole other blog post for that) but I thought it would fun to pick my top five areas I want to see during the summer.

  • War Bird Museum
  • Rocket Garden at KSC
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Haulover Canal
  • Dinosaur Store

Midsummer Chronicles // Hopes


This year Rhomany of Rhomany’s Realm has created Midsummer Chronicles. An online class to “explore your local area and find magic on your own doorstep”. While this is geared to another spiritual group, everyone is welcome.

My hope is that I will be inspired to get outside more during these warm months. With my health issues, I find it easy to make excuses to stay inside. Learning to journal or sketch the outside would be just the challenge I need to get me to step past my doorstep.

I hope by the end of the class, I will have at least gotten comfortable with the idea of sitting on the porch with my journal. For more adventure, I might even take a walk and gather a few leaves I find.

I haven’t done a class like this before, nor have I ever really nature journaled so I keeping my possibilities open.


100 Days of Less Hustle More Jesus // Hopes


Shanna Noel of Illustrated Faith has come out with her third 100 Days journal devotional. This one is all about More Jesus Less Hustle.

I haven’t done all three but I work on the last 100 days (Grace and Gratitude). I did not use the devotional as a journal but instead tried to create art of all 100 days inside my Bible. When I looked back, I was able to only complete about half of the days. This time though, I am making a change.

I want to wake up each day ready to dive into the 100 days as my morning devotional. Just like Revival Camp Devotional, I hope to mark, highlight, create, underline, journal and more right inside the pages of my journal. I plan to have my devotional and a few pens right next to my bed so excuse for getting up in the morning to read.

I was very lucky that I was able to purchase a journal directly from Shanna who also had several them coiled bound. I think the coil will help with any bulk that might happen as I fill the insides with stickers.

Lastly, I would like to take a few of the entries from the devotional, after I have taken notes, and create prayer art inside my bible. I don’t feel I have to create all 100 days this time in the Bible though. I would just a few key entries that I meant something to me.

Revival Camp 2019 // Hopes


Ever since 2016, Illustrated Faith has hosted Revival Camp. A fun online or physical product to excite Christians to get back into the word of God.

Every year I buy camp with all the bells and whistles (aka all the digital and physical add-ons), yet my good intentions seem to run from me the minute that the camp is set to start. However, this summer I want to try to set aside time to make Revival Camp a top priority. My hope is that I will turn the physical devotional into what Shanna calls a “used passport traveling around the word”. I want to write, highlight, decorate and fill my little devotional up over the summer. I don’t want this to sit on the shelf unused.

My other hope is that I will take what I have learned from the devotional and create prayer art inside my bible. I haven’t Bible Journaled since January so I’m a little rusty. I hope that Revival Camp will inspire me to Bible journal again.

Camp Wanna Craft 2019 // Hopes


The Reset Girl is starting her annual summer camp soon. This year the name is Camp Wanna Craft and it is all about crafting. Which gets me really excited since I have declared that June is my new year. Winter is really hard on my health and so I feel like I ‘start the new year’ out on a dud. However, with summer, I can feel energy returning and I am excited about possibilities.  My hope for camp is that I find my spark again to create.

With the last two camps, I found reasons to go outside (scavenger hunts and bingo challenges). I hope with this year that I can get a little more then I did in Winter, even if I just go to the porch to journal or sketch.

Also, during ‘Week In the Life’ I found these cute travel journals. When I saw the supply list for camp mention a two ring journal, I knew these were perfect so I bought them. I am not 100% if I will use them for all of camp but they sure are cute. For those curious, I bought them at Target. From what I can tell they are an in-store purchase only.

Lastly, I remember how fun the camp facebook groups were. It was nice to see everyone sharing their ideas and journal pages. The community was real. With this year’s new site, forum and cabins, I hope that I can make a friend or two.

I feel those are kinda big goals but I think that’s what summer is about, opportunity.