A Place for Me

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Writing a new post on a new blog is a little scary. I feel that blogs are slowly fading into old technology, which makes me nervous. Yet, with the new algorithms on the new social media sites, I feel the best way to keep up with anyone or to keep writing my story is to use a blog. I am drawn to share so I’m going to commit the time and effort to create an amazing blog, one step at a time.

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I am starting this blog in hopes to share a few of my real-life stories. Let me introduce myself, my name is Cody Doll. I am residing on the east coast of Florida with my partner and my new fur friend (stray cat) Bubbie. Along with those two, I have my mom and special needs brother in the town over that I often hang out with. I am a stay at home wife with a huge hobby for creativity. One day I hope that creativity will bring income. I love to bible journal the most. Bible journaling has filled my life with meaning I never knew. I am feeling closer and closer to the Lord. I don’t feel I am religious, just that I have a relationship with Jesus and His/Our Father. I likewise have a love of other creative outlets that involve paper; scrapbooking, planning/bullet journaling, journaling, art journaling. If papers are involved, I will try the craft. Along with my belief in God, I also believe that anyone can draw or be creative. When I’m not crafting I am usually reading. I found my love of reading pre-internet days. Right now, I’m reading through the Bible Chronologically. For relaxing, I enjoy reading a few classics. If I’m not reading, then I don’t mind enjoying the evening watching a few Netflix shows or movies.

After reading all that, I almost sound like an 80-year woman. I have been told I have an old soul. I don’t think my life is dull though. With my special needs brother in and out of the hospital, my own medical issues, and my new cat friend keeping me on my toes, plus all the little stories leading up to before I even thought of a blog, I’m sure I will have plenty to write about.